4 Reasons Why You Should Never Get Botox Injections

More and more people are beginning to shy away from botox and toward anti aging cream. Why, you ask? Due to the fact that they are learning the truth about this overpriced, possibly harmful cosmetic procedure. What "truths" are they finding out about botox injections that forces them to make this type of hasty choice? Well, you're about to find out!

4 Truths About Botox and Why It is Inferior to Anti Aging Lotion.

- Value. Botox injections range between $600 and $900 per injection. Considering you will need no less than 2-3 injections annually, you are looking at one enormous expense every 12 months. Compare that expense to what you'd pay for anti aging wrinkle cream and, well, you should get the general idea.

- Efficiency. There's one thing that may be said about botox treatments, which is: it's very efficient in regards to clearing away motion wrinkles. Other than that though, well, it's not all that reliable. In essence, this means that every other sign of aging -- age spots, crows feet, fine lines, dark circles, under eyebags, sun damage, skin discoloration, etc -- isn't going to be fixed with botox treatments. It's true. On a side note, were you aware that the best age defying creme will not only address ALL your signs of age, but it will also provide you with anti aging "defense" for years to come?

- Safety. Is botox safe to use? Actually, yes. The Food and drug administration (FDA for short) states it is in fact safe to use. Then again, what the FDA looks at as "safe" and what the average person thinks to be "safe" are two ENTIRELY different things. For example, do you think it's "safe" to inject your body with a bacterial neurotoxin that damages nerves? My guess would be, NO. Well, that's exactly what botox is, a poison! Not convinced? Simply ask any botox expert out there, he/she is not going to deny it.

- Longterm Results. To put it simply, there are none! The effects of botox treatments last around 3-6 months, at which time each and every wrinkle which had been there earlier will be back. Not only that, but there may even be more wrinkles that appear as well.

Age defying lotion is more than just a quick fix for reducing wrinkles, as lots of folks believe it to be. It's a regimen, one that will have your skin not just looking healthier and stronger, but also decades younger to boot. Then again, should you opt for botox instead of anti aging creme, well, that is your choice and you've got every right to stand by it. The rest of us however, we're going to be sticking with anti aging creme and it is NON-poisonous ingredients!

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