Do You Need Game Design Jobs?

In the last forty years there have been a lot of changes in how video games are conceived and designed. The people who are involved in designing modern video games have changed and so have the abilities that are required to make a computer game that is functional as well as entertaining. Generally speaking, video game designer jobs consist of initially thinking of the concept of the game and then creating it. Video game designer jobs are varied but most of them require creative, technical and writing competencies. At first, computer games were often the creation of one person, called the lead programmer.

The lead programmer wrote the computer codes as well as doing all the game designer jobs for the game. As computers became more powerful as well as faster, computer games became more complicated and job functions started to separate. The lead programmer focused on writing code while the game designer careers included creating the game play, storyline, characters and environment for the video game. Few modern games involve only one person creating the entire game and in some big budget video games there might be several dozen game designers working on different aspects of the game under the chief designer.

Depending on the complexity of the game as well as its budget, there could be multiple lead designers and also many junior creative designers working on sections of the video game. Some of the different types of jobs that fall under the game designer heading are lead designer, systems designer or game mechanics designer, environmental designer or level designer and writer. Most of the people involved in the game design process started their game designer jobs by being game testers and studying mistakes made by previous game designers. The design of any new video game begins with an idea from the lead designer.

The lead designer is normally the person who creates the original vision and concept of the new computer game and he is also in charge of the junior designers working at various tasks and coordinating that work. The lead designer is the main decision maker and is responsible for good communication amongst the team members. The lead designer is the person who presents all of the design team's work to outside departments or agencies and is also usually responsible for collating the documentation resulting from the video game design process. This job rank calls for a person who has both technical and artistic skills.

The junior designers whose duty it is to balance and design game play mechanics are named as systems designers or game mechanics designers. A position that has come into prominence as games become more complex is that of environment designer or level designer. This position focuses on creating the environment, missions and levels for the video game. A junior designer is often delegated to create the user interface design. A writer is often employed as a part of the design team so as to script a variety of items for the video game, including dialogue, narrative, journals, commentary, hint system and packaging content.

Most individuals really don't have a clue about how to become a video game designer.

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