How To Plan A Wedding And Reception On A Small Budget

Weddings can be a amazing experience for the bride, the groom, as well as for all the guests. The planning & preparation of a wedding, well, not so much. Not only is planning a wedding difficult, it may be positively painful -- both emotionally and financially. Luckily though, you don't have to deal with things all alone or be without a clue about what you need to do. Why not? Because learning how to plan a wedding on a small budget has never been less complicated than it is today! In truth, you can get rolling right now with these 3 tips, which are guaranteed to save you lots of cash.

3 Tips For Planning Weddings On A Small Budget...

1. Don't Be Selfish About Your Dress. There's no reason to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding gown. And to be perfectly honest, there's really no reason to blow more than a few hundred dollars on the gown! Do some hunting, ask around, talk to female family members, or even consider renting the gown. When you have found a cheap gown, simply pay a seamstress to make the much needed alterations and you'll be good to go.

2. Decorate Yourself. Expert decorators will indeed do a nice job, but virtually everything that they can do you could do. Buy the wedding materials in bulk, look up some wedding decor ideas online, and then just plan it out. It isn't nearly as hard as it seems. Just envision the money you can save by employing your own unique wedding decoration ideas. When it comes to learning how to plan a wedding on a small budget, this is a tip you need NOT neglect.

3. Be Frugal With The Flowers. Flowers are another huge expense for weddings on a budget, especially when little to no inventive planning is involved. Your best bet is to purchase flowers that are in season and then arrange them yourself or have a friend help you. This will save you a small fortune. Should you be truly bold, ditch cut flowers and instead use flowering potted plants. They're less costly and can be just as beautiful & classy with the proper touch.

There it is, 3 amazing tips that can help you save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars while planning a wedding on a small budget.

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