Planning A Wedding On A Budget - 7 Ideas To Save Big

It doesn't matter what it is, you have to be on the lookout for a way to save money on it. Weddings on a budget can be impressive, but if you don't plan appropriately nor use a few unique money saving tricks, you may never come in under your budget. Having said that, if you'd like to take a jump start on organizing a wedding on a budget, pay attention to the 7 tips below.

3 Basic Tips For The Best Weddings on a Budget...

1. Fix a Realistic Budget: This is a very significant step, as it will establish you are realistic with your purposes and expectations. Chat with your partner about the money you can have together for the wedding. If the bride and groom's family are also helping to pay the bill, then determine who will be in charge of paying for each phase of the wedding event. Being aware of what you're working with is a principal first step.

2. Write a "What We Want" List: All things you (and your husband) want at the wedding will need to be put on this list, down to the final detail. No matter how simple or inconsequential the detail may appear to be, make sure it is on this list. A different way to think of it -- if it's entirely not on the list, it's not really in the wedding!

3. Prioritize the List: Take the list you formed above and start numbering it from crucially important to can-be-sacrificed-if-necessary. This prioritization will likely help you to really concentrate on the absolutely important features of the wedding and, if need be, dispose of the minor aspects so that the wedding can live on.

4 Special Tips to Save When Planning Weddings on a Small Budget...

1. Do NOT Have a Sit Down Meal. With hosts, custom orders, custom food demands, etc this option will be a financial trouble that will destroy your wedding budget utterly. That said, you're far better of going with the buffet style reception. A buffet will permit you to save money by offering inexpensive, easily prepared food as well as impress guests with a an increased variety of food selections.

2. Tone Down the Fancy-Schmancy. You don't need to have extremely luxurious decorations for your wedding to be elegant and memorable. In fact, with a few carefully chosen economical wedding accessories, you can smoothly give everything a touch of excellence all the while staying inside the budget.

3. Abandon the Open Bar Notion. Kill it, throw it, drown it, and then forget it. An open bar is too expensive and will entice people to get way more intoxicated than you, or they, would like. As an alternative, purchase the drinks -- nonalcoholic refreshments, beer, champagne, and wine -- in bulk. For even better savings, serve the beverages yourself or put a friend in charge.

4. Dress For Significantly less. The wedding dress can be extremely expensive -- which, as you can guess, is NO good for wedding events on a budget. That said, start thinking more thriftily. Rather than ordering a dress you'll only wear for ONE day, imagine the possibility of renting. If you don't like the idea of renting, think about searching for second hand wedding attire or even used low-priced wedding dresses instead.

When it comes to organizing your dream wedding on a budget, these 7 steps are sure to reduce the financial load. If they aren't enough, well, you'll just have to find a wedding planning website that offers more tips and extraordinary money saving ideas.

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