Video Game Beta Tester - 5 Factors Of Rejection

Professional video game testing isn't really that challenging. In fact, you can even go so far as to say that it's a simple job that does NOT require too much effort. All you need to do is put the game in, play through it, write down the game's problems, then collect a paycheck after you are all done. Seriously, does that sound like a hard job to you?

You Need NOT Apply If...

- You do not have gaming experience. This is the most common reason for rejection there is. Video game beta testing is for true-blue, life long gamers. Simply because you like to play "Halo", "Call of Duty 4" or "Starcraft 2" on the weekends, that does not make you game tester material -- sorry. If your life has revolved around games since before you can remember, well, then you're the sort of applicant the industry needs.

- You aren't at least 18 years old. Several companies have been known to hire (with restrictions) gamers who are 16 years old. However ,, this is usually a rare event in the world of professional beta game testing.

- You do not have the right gear. Should you plan on testing games from your home (which is the goal of most testers), then you're going to need the appropriate gaming gear; a HDTV, a xbox 360, a ps3, a nintendo Wii, and a high-end gaming PC. If you don't have this gaming gear (you really should if you are a true gamer), then your only option is to work at a game testing facility -- and that is only if they'll have you.

- You lack a resume. This is much more than just a job. It's a potential career. So if you want to be taken seriously, you must have a game tester resume that potential employers are not going to just ball up and toss in the trash. Be sure that it LOOKS professional, details your extensive gaming experience, lists your references (if you have any), and explains why you'd be a resource to their team of beta testers.

- You have inadequate grammar skills. Game testers fill out a great many reports & forms which are used by game programmers to repair & improve video games. If the reports are not well detailed and quickly understood, the programmers can't do their job. If a programmer is not able to do his job, it means the tester has failed to do his.

If any of the 5 things in this article are standing in your way, then just do yourself a favor and get started on clearing them OUT of the way immediately. The sooner you can do that, the sooner you'll find yourself relaxing in front of a TV with your first PAID game testing job!

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