Video Game Jobs - Three Ways To Be A Beta Games Tester

If you are aspiring to be an expert game tester and wish to land video game testing jobs, then there is no other better time to begin than now. Increasingly more video game developers are springing to life every year -- thus, a whole lot more jobs and positions testing video games are frequently opening up to video game testers. Therefore, the market is ripe for every and whoever new tester to build up his/her status and gain the title of "professional video game tester".

In order to begin on your journey of video game testing success, follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1: Develop Contacts, Make Friends, Build Connections

Searching in the classified ads section of your newspaper would not help you find work as a video game tester. It will be extremely convenient if that were the case, but it is not; so do not wish upon a star. Instead of waiting around and being optimistic that a developer calls you out of the blue for a testing job (fat chance), you need to get yourself out there and go to them yourself.

Any individual you come in contact with within the video game business could be an important resource for you. She/He might be that very important contact which "could" put in the good word for you in regards to new testing jobs. Therefore, be certain to handle yourself professionally with every individual you come in contact with. By approaching paid video game testing as a job and not just some "pastime", developing reliable contacts can be carried out without difficulty.

Step 2: Be Serious, Not Goofy

First and foremost, game testing is a kind of work -- it's not a pastime. That being said, take your tasks seriously and do not slack off. Once you get your very first video game tester job -- which is quite likely provided that you have a next-gen console or Computer -- do the whole thing the company requests and even more. By ensuring that your work is top-notch stuff, you would not only impress the video game developer but you would increase your chances of getting more game testing jobs from that business; moreover, you would acquire one more great reference for other video game developers.

An essential reminder when testing games is to take legible, clear notes. The easier your reports are to understand and read, the easier & faster it is for programmers to locate and fix the problems of the video game. This might not seem like a big deal, but it truly is; as video game fixes that are faster result in deadlines which are met easily for video game developers.

Always remember to send in your bug/glitch reports punctually! If you are tardy sending your reports, it shouts "unreliable game tester"; so submit them in on time, every time.

Step 3: Do not Stop, Keep Going!

Getting that very first video game testing salary in your hand might lead you you to bloom with pride and happiness, but don't let these feelings go to your head. Do your small celebration and afterward get right back out there and continue doing what you have been doing; applying for jobs, making contacts, and finishing testing assignments. The more video game testing work you complete, the more likely you are to land higher paying, better assignments in the future.

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